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The B-LIST Visits U.S. LUMBER's New Barrow County Facility

Recently, the B-LIST (Barrow Local Industry Support Team) had the opportunity to visit U.S. LUMBER’s new Barrow County facility. The visit provided valuable insights into the company's operations and its significant contributions to the local economy.

U.S. LUMBER, one of the largest privately held distributors of specialty building materials, continues to thrive and expand, with its new facility in Barrow County serving as a testament to its success. Founded in 1988 by Lawrence Newton, U.S. LUMBER has grown from its Birmingham, Alabama roots to a powerhouse that now serves customers across North America.

Over the past three decades, U.S. LUMBER has experienced significant growth, acquiring companies like Boston Cedar, NILCO, and Midwest Lumber. This expansion has allowed the company to enhance its product and service offerings continually, maintaining the highest standards of trust with its customers and suppliers. Today, U.S. LUMBER serves over 15,000 customer locations in the United States and Canada with more than 50 categories of unique specialty building products. Their customer base includes local lumber yards, building supply dealers, and home improvement retailers, who, in turn, serve professional remodelers, home builders, general contractors, and DIY enthusiasts in their local communities. Importantly, U.S. LUMBER does not sell directly to individuals, builders, or general contractors.

The success of U.S. LUMBER in Barrow County can be attributed to its strategic use of technology, efficient logistics, and a commitment to hiring quality personnel. These factors have played a crucial role in enabling U.S. LUMBER to deliver superior products and services consistently.

The B-LIST comprises key regional stakeholders who support and promote local industries. Members of the B-LIST include:

  • Andrew Carnes, Regional Economic Development Manager from Georgia Power Economic Development

  • Tino Johnson with Jackson EMC

  • Dylan Horne & Robert Herring of the Metro Atlanta Chamber

  • Kathryn Lookofsky, MPA, CMSM, Regional Coordinator from WorkSource Northeast Georgia

  • Pam Griffin, Economic Development Coordinator from Lanier Technical College's Barrow Campus

  • Dr. Jennifer Wood, CEO and CTAE Director from the SIMS Academy and Barrow County School System

  • Brandon Lounsbury, Project Manager for the Georgia Department of Economic Development

  • Power Evans, Project Manager for the Georgia Department of Economic Development

  • Chip Reynolds, Campus Dean at Lanier Technical College - Barrow

  • Ben McDaniel, Economic Development Director of the Barrow-Braselton Joint Economic Development Authority

  • Tommy Jennings, President of the Barrow County Chamber of Commerce

Their visit underscores the importance of local industry support and collaboration in driving economic development and growth in Barrow County. U.S. LUMBER’s success story is a shining example of what can be achieved through innovation, strategic expansion, and strong community partnerships.

Stay tuned for more updates on how U.S. LUMBER and the B-LIST continue to contribute to the vibrant economic landscape of Barrow County.

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