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Labor Force Numbers
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.6%

  • Labor Force: 44,243

  • Employed: 43,111

  • $50,543 average annual wages

  • $24.29 average hourly wage

Barrow County Labor Force

The Work-Base Learning program gives Barrow County students hands-on experience with YOUR company.

QuickStart logo

New and expanding businesses in Barrow County may qualify for free pre-and post-employment training for employees through Georgia’s Quick Start program, consistently recognized in the top three of training programs in the U.S.

  • Pre-employment training is available using industry-specific certificate programs administered through Lanier Technical College.

  • Post-employment training through the Quick Start program is customized to the specific needs of a company. This process involves conducting a training needs analysis of the jobs within the company, developing a detailed training plan, and finally, conducting the training.

Quick Start also operates Georgia's BioScience Training Center, only a 35-minute drive from Barrow County. The Center serves as Georgia’s first stand-alone facility dedicated to delivering customized workforce training for companies in the Life Sciences sector.

Quick Start covers two comprehensive areas: manufacturing and distribution and service/back-office training. Quick Start is designed to be flexible and to respond immediately to each company's needs. Training can take place at the company’s Barrow County facility or at a location arranged by Quick Start. The training schedules are also very flexible.


Preparing our workforce for today...and tomorrow!

In 2015, the innovative $16 million Lanier Technical College campus in Winder, Barrow County, opened its doors, annually educating over 1,000 students. As a key component of the Technical College System of Georgia, Lanier Technical College is dedicated to training students for future-ready jobs, especially in the burgeoning bioscience industry. The college boasts a diverse range of programs, including welding, drafting, medical assisting, mechatronics, automotive technology, building automation technology, nursing, and more, catering to the evolving needs of the industry.

Accredited by the prestigious Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, Lanier Technical College ensures a high standard of education, equipping students with the skills required for success in the workforce. This campus is not just an educational institution; it's a launchpad for careers in high-demand sectors, making Barrow County a critical hub for talent development in Georgia.

Lanier Tech.png

Barrow County Schools, powered by Peachnet's high-speed fiber network, delivers unparalleled Internet access services, facilitating a revolutionary educational environment. Established by the State Board of Regents, Peachnet caters exclusively to education and research, ensuring Barrow County's educational institutions are well-equipped for today's digital demands.

Through this advanced connectivity, Barrow County Schools have initiated K-12 outreach programs in collaboration with Georgia's top universities, reinforcing a long-term commitment to cultivating a knowledge-based workforce.

Recognized as a National K-12 Research District, Barrow County Schools have formed Direct-To-Discovery partnerships with esteemed institutions like Georgia State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Georgia. These alliances utilize Internet2's extensive network capabilities to integrate experts from various fields, including biomedical, industrial, and nanotechnology, into the classroom via high-definition video conferencing and remote access technologies.

The school system's focus on career development is evident in its comprehensive offerings. High school students in Barrow County can embark on the Biotechnology Research and Development Career Pathway, taking advantage of dual enrollment opportunities at Lanier Technical College's Barrow campus. Furthermore, students aiming for a Bio-Science Technology Associate of Applied Science degree benefit from a seamless credit transfer system to regional colleges. Barrow County Schools' Industry Certified programs, endorsed for their exceptional quality by business and industry leaders, signify the highest standard of educational excellence, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the future workforce.


In Fall 2020, the Barrow County School System proudly unveiled the Barrow Arts and Sciences Academy (BASA), a groundbreaking addition to its educational offerings. As a choice school for any resident of Barrow County, BASA represents a significant leap forward in personalized education, offering students a tailored learning experience designed to prepare them for both college and career paths in a nurturing and safe environment.

BASA stands out with its magnet academies in Visual Art and Design, Performing Arts, Life and Health Science, and STEM, catering to students with specific passions and ambitions. These academies provide an immersive educational experience, allowing students to delve deeply into their chosen fields alongside their academic studies. Additionally, the Innovation Academy presents a unique opportunity for students to customize their education by combining pathways from BASA, Sims Academy, and Lanier Technical College, fostering an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

For instance, a student with an interest in the music business might find themselves blending academic and music courses at BASA with marketing classes at Sims Academy and business courses at Lanier Technical College. This innovative approach not only prepares students for their immediate educational goals but sets a solid foundation for lifelong learning and career success.

Accredited programs and partnerships with leading educational institutions ensure that BASA graduates are well-prepared for the challenges of the future workforce, making Barrow County a beacon for educational excellence in Georgia.


Barrow County School System, in collaboration with Lanier Technical College, spearheads an innovative approach to education, aiming to enhance the skill sets of graduates entering the workforce. Located next to Lanier Technical College’s Barrow campus, the Sims Academy is a beacon of workforce development, creating pathways for students into high-demand industries such as robotics, culinary arts, broadcast video, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

This partnership emphasizes dual enrollment and HOPE Grant opportunities for students at Sims Academy, enabling those in the 11th or 12th grade, and at least 16 years old, to earn both high school and technical college credits. By completing dual enrollment courses at Lanier Technical College in Winder, students not only gain advanced knowledge but also a competitive edge in the job market.

The collaboration between Barrow County School System and Lanier Technical College, featuring specialized programs at Sims Academy, showcases Barrow County's commitment to preparing students for successful careers in rapidly growing fields. This educational synergy is a key driver in developing a skilled, workforce-ready generation, positioning Barrow County as a leader in education and workforce development in Georgia.

Tier 1 Research Universities near Barrow

The University of Georgia is the state’s second-largest and flagship higher education institution, with more than 33,000 students. Its 15 schools and colleges include veterinary and agriculture schools and emerging environmental and biological science departments. UGA's Office of Research, known as the Innovation Gateway (formerly UGA’s Technology Commercialization Office and Georgia BioBusiness Center) facilitates the transfer of technology from UGA to commercial enterprises and offers a startup incubator that offers 20,000 square feet of office and wet-lab space. Since 1974, more than 130 companies have been established by technologies transferred from UGA, the majority of which are bioscience.

Georgia Institute of Technology
One of the nation’s top research universities, Georgia Tech provides more than 18,000 undergraduate and graduate students with a focused, technology-based education. The Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute helps companies, entrepreneurs, economic developers, and communities improve their competitiveness through the application of science, technology, and innovation. The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is the nonprofit applied research arm of Georgia Tech, with approximately 1,200 employees performing or supporting more than $100 million in research yearly for more than 200 clients in industry and government.

Emory University
Emory is recognized as one of the nation's leading research universities. We maintain collaborative partnerships with a host of neighboring organizations such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Georgia State University (GSU)
With more than 50,000 graduate and undergraduate students in six colleges, Georgia State is the largest research university in the state. GSU’s Technology Commercialization and Industry Relations Program encourages and assists in the development and protection of intellectual property developed by Georgia State University faculty, staff, and students. GSU’s CollabTech Biotechnology Development Center is a partnership between GSU and the biotechnology industry fostering collaboration between academic faculty and industrial scientists. CollabTech has 8,000 square feet of office and wet-lab space, providing space and facilities for biotech startup companies.

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