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New Website, Same Focus: Building a Better Barrow!

In today's fast-paced digital world, the importance of having a dynamic and responsive online presence cannot be overstated, especially for those of us in economic development. Recognizing the power of timely and relevant online content, we've made a significant shift by bringing our website management in-house. This strategic move empowers us to update and refine our web content on the fly and ensures our digital presence accurately reflects the vibrant opportunities available within our community.

Excitingly, we're rolling out a new jobs page on our website, a resource aimed at connecting the talented individuals in our community with the innovative businesses that call our area home. This dedicated space for career opportunities is a testament to our commitment to fostering employment growth and economic prosperity.

Additionally, we've streamlined the site selection experience through an enhanced Sites and Buildings Tab. This feature now directly links to the Georgia Department of Economic Development's site selection page, with Barrow County pre-selected. This direct connection not only simplifies the site selection process for prospective investors but also ensures our local offerings are perfectly aligned with state-level initiatives and resources provided by Georgia EMC, ECG Site Selection, and GA Power.

This integration is a strategic effort to maintain synchronization with the state of Georgia and its partners, offering a seamless and enriched user experience. By facilitating direct access to comprehensive statewide data and resources, we're not just simplifying the research process; we're actively contributing to a unified economic development strategy that benefits all stakeholders.

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