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👀Check it out! The January Unemployment Statistics are in!

📉 Low Unemployment Rate in Barrow County: An impressive low unemployment rate of 2.7% sets Barrow County apart as a leading region for job stability in Georgia. This figure is a significant draw for both job seekers and employers looking for a stable economic environment.

👥 Barrow County Workforce Breakdown: The labor force is recorded at 43,931 individuals, of which 42,739 are employed, leaving only 1,192 unemployed. The employment-to-population ratio underscores the availability of job opportunities in Barrow County.

💼 Insured Employees in Barrow County: The county reported 22,709 insured employees as of June 2023, highlighting a strong job security profile for the local workforce.

💲 Barrow County Wages Overview: A total of $1,121,966,733 in covered wages by mid-year 2023 indicates significant economic activity. The average wages are notable with $49,400 annually and $950 weekly for all industries. This breaks down to an estimated average hourly wage of $23.75, based on a 40-hour work week, a competitive rate that underscores the county's earning potential.

🗃 Unemployment Insurance Claims in Barrow County: The beginning of 2024 saw 187 initial unemployment claims, a number that provides a real-time pulse on the county’s job market fluctuations.

💰 Benefits Paid to Barrow County Residents: Unemployment benefits paid in January were $82,553, consistent with the year-to-date total, offering a glimpse into the financial support provided to unemployed residents.

First-time Unemployment Benefits in Barrow County: With 84 first payments recorded in January, these figures present an immediate view of the number of individuals newly navigating unemployment benefits.

💵 Average Weekly Unemployment Benefit in Barrow County: The average weekly benefit amount provided to unemployed individuals was $309 in January, an essential figure that offers a measure of the county's social safety net.

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