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Labor in Barrow County and the Northeast Georgia Region includes technical and skilled labor for advanced manufacturing and technology

including life sciences and textile manufacturing. Barrow County’s proximity to the metro Atlanta and Athens, Georgia labor markets gives employers access to higher skilled white-collar workers as well. The Barrow County labor force is an educated one, with approximately 57% having at least some college coursework.

Lanier Technical College

Lanier Technical College, a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia, serves as the foremost workforce development resource for Banks, Barrow, Dawson, Forsyth, Hall, Jackson, and Lumpkin counties.

A $16 million Lanier Technical College campus in Winder opened for students in Barrow County in 2015, serving more than 1,000 students annually. Lanier Technical College, a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia, prepares students for jobs of the future including positions in the bioscience sector and mechatronics. Other programs offered include welding, drafting, medical assisting, automotive technology, building automation technology, nursing and others.

University of Georgia

The University of Georgia, the state’s second largest and flagship higher education institution, is less than a 30-minute drive from Barrow County, making it convenient to local students who choose to go there. With more than 39,000 students, the University's 18 schools and colleges include veterinary and agriculture schools and emerging environmental and biological science departments.

Quick Start

New and expanding businesses in Barrow County may qualify for free pre- and post-employment training for employees through Georgia’s Quick Start program, the nation's #1 ranked training program.

  • Pre-employment training is available using industry-specific certificate programs administered through Lanier Technical College.
  • Post-employment training through the Quick Start program is customized to the specific needs of a company. This process involves conducting a training needs analysis of the jobs within the company, developing a detailed training plan, and finally, conducting the training.

Quick Start also operates Georgia's BioScience Training Center, only a 35-minute drive from Barrow County. The Center serves as Georgia’s first stand-alone facility dedicated to delivering customized workforce training for companies in the Life Sciences sector.

Quick Start covers two comprehensive areas: manufacturing and distribution and service/back-office training. Quick Start is designed to be flexible and to respond immediately to each company's needs. Training can take place at the company’s Barrow County facility or at a location arranged by Quick Start. The training schedules are also very flexible.

Work-Based Learning

The Barrow County School System Work-Based Learning Program provides relevant work experience for juniors and seniors at our high schools that align with the student’s high school career pathway, post-secondary, and career plans to benefit the student, employer, and community.

Provides paid and unpaid work experience
Promotes partnership between education and industry
Integrates academic and technical instruction Provides post-secondary options

Classroom-based learning
Workplace experience
Connecting activities

How does Work-Based Learning Work?
Work-Based Learning provides an opportunity for juniors and seniors to start preparing for a career while still in high school. Individual programs of study in the freshman and sophomore years prepare students for a successful apprenticeship.

How will Work-Based Learning benefit students?
Work-Based Learning offers students school-based and work-based learning opportunities related to the student's career interest area.
Students are able to:
Earn wages while learning from skilled professionals
Increase career options and future employability
Strengthen academic skills
Earn post-secondary credit while in high school
Experience potential careers in the workplace