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State Incentives

Georgia offers a range of corporate tax credits that enable companies to minimize or completely eliminate state

corporate income taxes which, at 6%, are already among the lowest in the nation. For some of the credits, the amounts are dependent on the "tier status" of the community. Tier status refers to an annual four-tier ranking of the economic vitality of Georgia’s counties. The highest credits are offered in the counties with the greatest need (Tier 1 and 2 counties), while the most prosperous counties (Tier 3 and 4 counties) offer lesser amounts. Barrow County, Georgia is a Tier 3 county with a credit of $1,250; an additional $500 per job credit is available due to Barrow County’s participation in the Joint Development Authority of Northeast Georgia.


  • Jobs Tax Credits: provides $1,750/job created each year for five consecutive years, min. 15 new jobs created
  • Quality Jobs Tax Credit: provides $2,500-$5,000 per job with above-average wages for five years
  • Optional Investment Tax Credit: a credit equal to 6-10% of capital investment used in one year
  • Investment Tax Credit: provides tax credits equal to 1-3% of qualified capital investment
  • Port Tax Credit Bonus: increases Jobs or Investment credits if port activity is increased by 10%
  • Mega Project Tax Credit: $5,250 credit for project with 1,800+ jobs or $450+ million investment
  • Retraining Tax Credit: credit up to $500/yr per employee for direct investment in training
  • Child Care Tax Credit: credit of 75-100% of employer-sponsored child care for employees
  • Small Business Tax Relief: provides write off up to $102,000 for investments less than $410,000
  • R&D Tax Credit: credit up to 10% of increased qualified R&D expense over gross receipts
  • Sales & Use Tax Exemption: on equipment and electricity used directly in manufacturing